Cowboy Bebop ★★★★★

So they blast onto the scene
Two wild horses in the wind
Cowboys with no boots
Each other their only friend

A dog, a little girl,
And a woman with attitude
Make even heavier the ship
And even scarcer the food

From Venus to Jupiter
Planet to planet they hop
Creating a new genre itself:
Cowboy Bebop

But one of the wild horses
Was dead from the start
With one eye in the past
And a hole in his heart

The past is too heavy
They all try to escape
But the eye on the future
Turns out to be fake

A fatal mistake
Turns red hearts into granite
Bebop is dead
They took her for granted

The camel’s back breaks
It splinters in two
No hope for the future
Only the real folk blues

The horse and the snake
Meet for the last time
Their movements like water
Their fates are sublime

Peace is attained
No time for a foy
A weight off his shoulders
See you space cowboy

It began with the bang
Of a hyperspace gate
And it ended with a bang
You’re gonna carry that weight

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