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  • Soul



    When I was watching this all I could think of is all the positive psychology research I went through in Happiness Initiative. Quite on point but I do feel I could’ve gone much deeper. And the ending was a lil abrupt.

    But the character design was amazing though.

    And omg the fish story was the soul of the movie.

    Watched at GV Plaza with Happiness Initiative team - Simon, Pri, Christabel, Nicole, Faith and Cass.

  • Mortal Engines

    Mortal Engines



    Watched at home on Netflix.

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  • On Happiness Road

    On Happiness Road


    This film makes you take a long hard look at your cynical adult self, and try to remember what we dreamt and hoped for when we were young and naive. I guess many of us lose that optimism as we grow up into the harsh adult life, working towards a destination which we hope that will bring us happiness. We forget that happiness isn’t really a destination - it’s about the moment.Β 

    The film really does a fantastic job of…

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Well, I would typically rate a show like this 4 stars. BUT EMILY BLUNT DESERVES A STAR ALL TO HERSELF. In fact she probably deserves 5 stars but this ignorant app fails to recognize the godliness of Emily Blunt and capped this review to five stars 🀬

    But seriously she is fucking awesome. Who the fuck can give birth in a bathtub with a hole in her foot without screaming her lungs out from the start?! Gah I would turn…