Before Sunset ★★★★★

"I'll never forget this one night thing, even tomorrow in other arms, my heart will stay yours until I die"

The second installment of the greatest love poem ever is even more lovelier and kinda/sorta cozy than the first one. Jesse is a popular writer doing Q&A in Paris, he's all confident but when he sees Celine, he becomes this 20-something boy again, they go for a walk, talk about past and what they've been doing since that night, Celine being a feminist queen as always and Jesse being Jesse, but most importanly they both try to hide their emotions and not to fall in love all over again. Jesse tries as much as he can so he will spend some more time with her before his flight to New-York and eventually they're in a car that will take Celine her home and Jesse to airport, in the car they set loose their emotions and finally tell how exactly it has been these years without each other, how they think about each other and that night every day. They go to the Celine's apartment and Jesse talks her into singing one of the songs that she wrote and she sings one about Jesse and that night, she finishes, makes tea, Jesse puts Nina Simone on a cassette player, Celine starts to imitate her and says in her voice "baby, you are gonna miss that plane.", Jesse says "I know" and starts laughing, fade out.

Before Sunset is one of the most beautiful and subtle love stories ever made, from the way Jesse tries to stay with her throughout the entire movie to the moment when he tells her how he misses her and while he's looking away Celine wants to put her hand on his head and carress him but as soon he turns back, she puts her arm away. A FUCKING MASTERPIECE!

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