Ready Player One ★★★

Spielberg being Spielberg at his very best, Ready Player One is a complete flurry of 80s nostalgia from the very beginning - featuring one of the most painfully expensive soundtracks of all time. The reason why I quote it as being 'painful' is merely because I'm aware of how much this all costs and quite frankly I'm so glad they didn't cut corners and create their own 80s-style soundtrack instead.

The film brings us back to the charm of films such as Back To The Future, E.T and The Goonies - with a sorta Tron-Like retro-space aesthetic laying the scene for what is essentially a coming-of-age film. It's really enjoyable, and unlike most films that have come out recently with posters as dreadful as this one - you /actually/ care for the characters and story. And my oh my is the VFX wonderful - you'll have to see for yourself, found myself doing some extensive homework afterwards and discovering a profound adoration for Spielberg as he continually delivers groundbreaking work.

This'll be his most commercially successful film in years, and by goodness I hope it is.