Possessor ★★★½

"This is also mine. I killed it and mounted it one summer when I was a little girl."

2020 Ranked.

All the father-son comparisons aside, this was really good, flawed and in some terms unfinished but engrossing and showcasing Cronenberg Junior's massive potential. Loved the visual storytelling and music especially, superb stuff. The performances were also great but what fascinated me the most is the universe and the mystery behind the corporation hiring Vos. It's a really scary notion and one I wouldn't neglect in this day and age. It's eerily similar to the same themes "Videodrome" tackled, it's just a matter of context and what technology is available.

But unlike it, "Possessor" meanders a bit too much and wastes a lot of potential. Imagine if we knew a bit more about Vos and Colin and how we would immediately notice who was in control based on their body language. Stuff like this jolts the imagination and I would love to think this was intended but the film was composed in such a way that what we got is what Brandon intended to showcase.
I read that he has a bit of extra material lying around and that a second film is a possibility but I am not sure if that's the right course of action.

Whatever the case, "Possessor" is refreshingly unique and another superb example that practical effects remain the absolute shit, especially if you enhance them just a bit with CGI.
The gore was visceral and I am glad he inherited this from his father and I am really, really excited for his future because he tapped into something special here and the industry needs more of this and less of soulless, by the book corporate garbage that is more concerned with numbers, merchandise and projections instead of artistic integrity.

Oh and respect for featuring Orville Peck, good shit!

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