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  • The Irishman: In Conversation

    The Irishman: In Conversation

    my faverite parts

    -al saying "i mean, its this crazy relationship when you think about it. they sleep in the same room.."
    -every time they laugh...<3
    -martys eyebrows absolutely swallowing his eyes in side profile
    -being reminded that beardless elderly al looks like a frog
    -fanservice pics of young marty :/ true male gaze moment
    -joe saying the f word

    i have referred to them strictly by first name here because theyre all my best friends forever

  • Gridlock'd



    tupac and his LOSER boyfriend and their epic girlfriend go on awesome new years eve adventure... remind me to put this next to midnight run when i comprise a new oddly-specific-vibe for my next letterboxd top 4