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  • Action U.S.A.

    Action U.S.A.


    Action USA...Action Texas would be more accurate, since it doesn't leave the state.
    A fair few of the chaps I follow have reviewed this in recent weeks and not wanting to be left out I decided to give it a go. So...
    Do you like stunts?
    Do you like breasts on display within two minutes of the film starting?
    Do you want to see Freddy Mercury firing a gun out of a sunroof during a high speed pursuit?
    Do you…

  • Killing Escobar

    Killing Escobar


    "Fear was out of the equation, we had conquered it."

    This was a documentary I had wanted to see and is currently on the BBC iplayer.
    This film, containing reenactments, actual video footage and talking heads, is more about soldier/mercenary Peter McAleese and survival, than it is about the failed operation to assassinate Pablo Escobar.
    I was aware of Peter from years ago in other documentaries, usually to do with the SAS and it is fair to say he was…

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  • Spy Hard

    Spy Hard


    So it was between this and Nomadland last night, I shit you not! I chose this because I was tired and it was nearly a full 30 minutes shorter. Will I never learn.
    Hey it's got Mr T flying a chopper...I see what you did there...ha ha ha; your spoofing every film of the 90s and the then hip Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...ho ho ho stop please; Pat Morita is a camp waiter...ha ha, oh stop I'm going…

  • Cry of a Prostitute

    Cry of a Prostitute


    AKA Quelli Che Cortana...translated Those That Matter.
    Holy shitballs!!
    Now I'm no great Euro Crime aficionado, having seen only a handful, but I am pretty sure this must be the most brutal bat shit crazy one ever...I'll be happy to hear otherwise.
    The first scene has a horrific car crash with the occupants killed, the driver decapitated and a child thrown clear that is already two days dead. Turns out the kid is full of heroin brutal as this…