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  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


    Death Proof and Ad Astra review coming soon on the podcast

  • Burning



    Perfectly captures the essence of Murakami. A dreamlike trance that makes you question what is real and what is paranoia. The droning of the sleepy jazz, and the muted vibrance of the dusk created and atmosphere that perfectly matched this story. The first half while somewhat visually similar to the rest of the movie perfectly flows from a light, yet well written drama, into  the hitchcockesque nightmare near the end. This film felt like a fever dream in the best way possible.

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  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    I don’t really know if I can express how much I love this movie. It just captures the feeling of idly drifting through life. Sure, you wake up every day, and get what you need to get done, done, sometimes you have fun, sometimes your sad, but are you really truly living? Your just endlessly floating through passing time until you die. But sometimes we find someone, someone who can fill this void, someone who can make us feel truly…

  • Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky


    Exploitation films are best when they realize they are exploitation films, and don’t try to be anything else. Not when they try and be deep, or overly self referential, and ironically over the top such as Nazi Werewolves and ect. This is near peak exploitation film, balls to the walls action, completely unrealistic, and gratuitously gory, but not rediculous just for the sake of being different. I think this is my second favorite of the genre, right behind Lady snowblood.

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  • The Meg

    The Meg


    I have literally been waterboarded before, and that was a far more pleasant experience than watching this “movie”.

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    There were some very good points and interesting questions in this movie, my main problem was that almost none of it was backed up by hard evidence. This is just a bunch of people making bombastic statements to in order to shock people. I’m not saying most of this isn’t true, I’m just saying that it isn’t done very professionally and is very hard to take seriously. Also a lot of the cutaways were sensationalistic, unnecessary and cringe inducing.