"I'm a tough guy!"

A film to open people's eyes.

Blindspotting is an important film. It truly does tell its story well, and I cannot believe this script began over a decade's even more relevant (scarily enough) today.

Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal are great, and obviously (as they are best friends in real life) their chemistry is off the charts, but they really peak with their screenplay, telling a great message with in-your-face subtlety and with unique rhyming dialogue.
Putting it in Carlos Lopez Estrada's hands for his directorial debut was a terrific choice too.

As soon as this begun, I could immediately tell I was going to love it. The comedy is very, very good and is more frequent in the first half...
what's more frequent in the second half?...
Extremely tense drama, bold ambition and lots of barriers and rules being torn apart.
That's what!

The whole theme of 'blindspotting' (needs to be added to the dictionary) is utterly brilliant, and the way they commented on toxic masculinity through hiding deep and emotional dialogue behind a hip-hop orientated tone was very smart.
The energetic eccentricity is really complimented with superb fast-paced editing and engaging cinematography, and it's setting in Oakland is incredibly well handled.

Whatever you do, do not look past the blind spots of this fantastic project.

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