Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★


I was having more negative expectations going into Halloween Kills, so with what we got, I had a lot of fun. The exposition and chaos of the “Evil Dies Tonight” stuff got a bit cringe worthy, but there were plenty of things to enjoy. The beginning started as more of a miss but capped it with one of the most memorable shots of the year. The Michael Myers mayhem is insane and contains more than one of the best kills out of any Halloween film. I also appreciated that they did plenty of continuation to the 2018 edition, and the tributes to the original, while not perfect, were handled alright. The final act is a good batch of insanity that for sure doesn’t leave you bored and the cliffhanger was much more intriguing this time around. While not extremely better than its predecessor, I’d definitely go back and watch this one more in any future October. 

Plus Carpenter slays the score once more, but that’s facts beforehand.

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