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  • Clue



    Clue was such a fun watch and it's totally my thing. I love this types of stories, they always make me crazy and obsessed.

    Way better than Knives out (which I still think its really good) but Clue was truly amazing, it is so funny and unpredictable. I totally loved the alternative endings.

    Tim Curry makes everything work, a really brilliant performance.

  • Paterson



    I have to, I literally have to.

    "Water Falls"
    "Water falls from the bright air.
    "it falls like hair,
    "falling across a young girl's shoulders.
    "Water falls, making pools in the asphalt, dirty mirrors with clouds and buildings inside."
    "It falls on the roof of my house.
    "It falls on my mother, and on my hair.
    "Most people call it rain." *gives an incredible smile*

    Today was a 5 stars day, my type of day you know?

    Paterson is beautiful,…

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  • After Hours

    After Hours


    "I'll probably get blamed for that."

    What a long night.

    After Hours was such a surprise, I was literally with anxiety and claustrophobic throughout every minute of it (and that anxiety came especially beacuse of how Martin made that era of NYC).

    I totally had an awesome time with it, I was so happy when I first saw Cheech and Chong ( Martin and his mom too made me smile, after I saw them).

    What an incredible roller coaster of…

  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    My 2nd Haneke, and yeah this guy absolutely can trick the audience masterfully. Like Godard in Vivre Sa Vie, Haneke said "fuck you" in a badass and ruthless way.

    This movie totally had me, I was complelety paralysed the whole movie.

    You killed your characters and the audience.

    The way he looks at the camera at the end is something that I seek to achieve against my audience/public, like who doesn't hate that charcter??
    The way he talks with the…