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What I'm out for is a good time. All the rest is propaganda.

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  • Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion

    Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion


    Absolute insanity. A softcore porn film crossed with an expressionist fever dream. This 70s exploitation flick is somehow more visually inventive and thought-provoking than any modern blockbuster. Love the unabashedly theatrical sequences, like when the woman trying to shank Matsu turns into a literal demon. I could watch Meiko Kaji's baleful stare all day.

  • Shadow of a Doubt

    Shadow of a Doubt


    A fascinating psychological thriller, perverse even by Hitchcock standards. 'Doubt' follows a bored teenage girl who becomes unbearably horny when her mysterious uncle comes to visit. And who can blame her? Every resident of her small, painfully American town is a strait-laced oaf. Compared to them, Uncle Charlie registers as a bolt of dark lightning. Joseph Cotten is fantastic in the part: louche, indolent and brimming with contempt. Naturally, he turns out to be harbouring a secret, one that has…

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  • Stardust


    *Partridge voice* Stop getting Bowie wrong!

    In this woefully inert biopic, Johnny Flynn plays a young, callow, pre-fame David Bowie. Now, according to Wikipedia, Johnny Flynn is 37. By age 37, David Bowie had released fifteen albums, including Ziggy Stardust, Station to Station, Heroes and Let's Dance. He was a living legend, not the awkward Bromley boy of his first American tour. Flynn isn't the only one who's too old for his part -- Ron Oberman and Tony DeFries were…

  • Fireworks



    As ever, Kitano has a tone and pace all of his own. Hana-bi switches from lugubrious to hilarious to shockingly violent in a heartbeat, yet always feels true to itself. The director maintains an unerring eye for moments of beauty, no matter how grubby their context. Often scenes are funny and tragic simultaneously: see the depressed, paralysed cop thinking a beret is an essential component of painting. But then his paintings (Kitano's own) are gorgeous and evocative. This tonal blending…