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  • Time



    This show gave me an overwhelming emotional understanding of especially Sean Bean's character.
    I could both see how he was a monster and a good man. Regardless of how realistic its depiction of prison time is, I feel like I was locked up myself for the show's duration.

    Stephen Graham always amazes me with his versatility.

    At the heart, this is a tale about responsibility and morality. Can such a deed be forgiven? Can a man redeem himself? ... How?…

  • Jaco



    I can watch this doc time and time again.
    Its pretty standard documentary fare, but its subject and his story at the center are just so incredibly fascinating.

    Since Jaco's reign there has been no other bassist that has equalled him.
    There have been plenty that did and are doing new and fresh things in their own ways, but like Jaco did it? Not going to happen.
    Especially his ear for melody, which is rare for bassists in general, is…

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  • Joker



    One thing's for sure, I'm feeling this movie. It's very, very uncomfortable. Phoenix is so deep into it that you feel ashamed for his behavior. I haven't seen a transporting performance like this in a long time. The unease is so thick, that the only moments of salvation occur when he's letting go. Becoming who he's going to be.

    There are some plot contrivances that annoyed me, and at some moments I wish they would've kept the narrative more open.…

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    This was an unexpected move from Gilligan. How do you add to something that almost seemed perfect? Well, this is how you do it. It didn't take away anything from the original ending, while managing to give Jesse - arguably the show's moral center - an ending he deserves. The movie feels like Jesse's own little movie, in *his* universe, while Breaking Bad was mainly Walt's universe.
    The story plays in classic BrBa fashion, giving you a lot of tension…