High Hopes

High Hopes ★★★★½

This was incredibly hard and unnerving to sit through, to not have my voice heard through the hard parts was excruciating. But I bloody loved every single second. I really bloody did! 

Shirley's character is written to perfection, I adore her *reads cactus book*. The relationship between Cyril & Shirley is so warm and refreshing, I adore both of them together, that bottom of my heart feeling. Utmost, deepest empathy and love felt for the mother, I want to hug her and never let go, so tight. To sheild her from hurting & loss. 
The family  dynamic portrayed here is an intense one but executed in such a profound yet prickled way. 

I'm getting to know Mike Leigh, after watching Naked earlier this year. I find him very interesting, intreiging. I'm not quite sure I've figured it all out yet but I feel I'm getting closer. Yes!!!!! Yes, thank you Amazon Prime!

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