The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

At last, I got to see The Favourite. I love how it’s title correlates to so many concepts and meanings. Great isn’t it?! Super clever !! 

Although The Lobster is nothing like The Favourite in storyline; but with its striking visuals and perfect colour palette, Yorgos Lanthimos does it once again! What a huge huge talent in the film world. One of the best! 

Olivia Colman!!!!!!!!! You deserve every last inch of queendom for this outstanding performance. Which was jaw dropping. Every one of her scenes especially,  gave me the chills. Everyone was absolutely superb. 

I really didn’t expect the tension being at the core here either. Given I haven’t read any reviews or made an effort not to hear anything that may spoil thing- I don’t know how I’ve managed to steer clear of that since it’s release, followed by its HUGE outcry of high praise!!!! However, I had heard a little about the sexual scenes— Ooooofttttttttt…. 

Yorgos- you’re one in a million buddy.

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