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  • Batman Ninja

    Batman Ninja


    Has all the anime tropes here, and im not the biggest fan of the 3D animation style.
    But its just weird enough and has cool fight scenes to be entertaining and fun for an hour and a half.

  • The Little Things

    The Little Things


    I fell asleep about an hour in, then woke up for the last 5 minutes.

    So I didn't like it.

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  • Anything for Jackson

    Anything for Jackson


    The ghost designs in this were very creative and spooky and there were some fun scares to be had. The ending kind of went off the rails not in a good way, but it was a solid horror film.

  • Leaving Las Vegas

    Leaving Las Vegas


    I was like 12 when I watched this but I still thought it was pretty good, even if most of it was over my head.