Titane ★★★


Titane, from the flaming Palm d'Or winner Julia Ducournau, it's a story about identity that unfortunately shows too many plot cracks and narrative inconsistencies that tries to cover by trying to shock the viewer as much as possible.

I'm not saying the attempt is bad, but in my opinion I could hardly say that I found something memorable in it.
I questioned a bit how Julia Ducournau won the most prestigious award at Cannes, although ultimately that's irrelevant if the film would have some sort of legacy in the coming months.
After all, it was released in mid-July in France and I hardly see people talking about it anymore.

The comparisons with Cronenberg, and even with Lynch will be numerous and have grounds to be so.
I can't deny Titane does offers some interesting moments, because frankly I think its ultimate value has more to do with entertainment than what it actually seems to be trying to say.
And those attributes are not bad, I liked the style, but the lack of substance is inevitably questionable.

Part of me is a little undecided as to how much of the film seeks to be confrontational and how much of it seeks to be enlightening.
I question this because crudity is defining in this film, and everything leads to a climax that at that point feels even a bit tamed, since at that point, after everything you've seen so far, you're already desensitized, and the payoff isn't remotely gargantuan or brutal.
It's simply the closure that it has been building since the plot lets you know that this is where it's going.
And that's precisely the problem, because what you have seen until then makes you believe that it will be something that will make you tremble, and it doesn't happen like that.

Because as it occurred with Raw, you end up talking more about the images that shocked you, rather than the underlying themes that the movie also presents, and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, they also make it clear that unless you don't make noise somehow, people won't turn their heads to look at you, and Titane, even with the things I liked, was more noise than content.

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