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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal

    One of the hardest movies I’ve ever watched. Seriously can’t wrap my mind around this. And of fucking course Derek Cianfrance had something to do with this. Quick thoughts:
    -Riz Ahmed’s best performance
    -if you are or have been in love with Olivia Cooke like this guy, take it from me do not watch this movie ever
    -sound design was obviously mind blowing, they recreated some stuff I didn’t know you could even do as effectively as they did.

  • Parasite


    lighthouse really stayed my fav film of the year for a solid week. THIS SHIT>>>>>>NEW MOVIE IN MY TOP TEN EVER HOLY FUCK. WATCH PARASITE PPL. ITS NOT DIFFICULT TO DIGEST IN TERMS OF DIRECT UNDERSTANDING OF ITS CONTENT BUT ITS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO IN REGARDS TO every emotion you feel in those last 40 minutes. This shit felt like it was never going to end in the best way possible. My heart pounded. My heart sang AND ACHED w…