I watch films and then I rate them based on a remarkably vague star system.

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  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Speed Racer
  • The Cranes Are Flying
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood

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  • Captain Blood

    Captain Blood


    “For you who were slaves with me, it means that we're no longer slaves, that we once more have a home and a country. For you who are English it means a chance to fight for your native land.”

    My dad grew up with Errol Flynn. He’s seen every motion picture he’s been in, and is indisputably his favorite actor. My dad hadn’t seen Captain Blood in over twenty years, so I decided to choose it for our movie night. …

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  • Belfast


    I don’t know if I’m stupid, but this movie felt insanely incoherent. Belfast had no idea what it wanted to be, opting to unfold a ton of storylines that never get resolved. The writing was way too straightforward. Great cast, very poor movie.

  • Amadeus



    Two things kept me from viewing this until now:

    1. We were forced to watch this in music class, but the teacher skipped about two-thirds of the film.
    2. The American accents. For some reason, when I watched the trailer and clips on YouTube, something didn’t feel right about hearing Italian, German, and Austrian historical figures speaking in American accents. Now, after all these years, I’ve come to realize that performance way before accents — and man, did these actors…