Spencer ★★★★★

I do love a film like this, where it really goes deep into how a person feels and shows all of their emotions. This movie is held up on the strength of its excellent cast and the outstanding performer is of course Kristen Stewart. She’s absolutely stunning in this. She portrays all of the elegance and beauty that many people knew about Diana whilst showcasing her more human side. 

It’s important that I mention that because the film focuses a lot on the dehumanisation of people in the Royal family. They are not people anymore and they must do the best for the people of the nation. As someone who is British I find this to be utter nonsense. Most people do not care about what the royal family do unless they are doing something truly shameful like some people are being called out for in the press right now. What is not okay is focusing on somebody just because they want to live a normal life. We see it still happening in the modern day even after the tragedy that follows the events of this movie. 

I have a lot of things to say about the subject as a whole and most of it relates to the fact that people need to be loved. It’s a big message from the movie as a while and whenever Diana is around people that she loves you can see the difference but when she is told what to do she immediately changes. Some of the things that she does aren’t even bad. The whole fuss over the curtains when in fact the people who are looking through the window are the ones who should be punished. No instead you sow the windows shut and add more bars onto her prison. If this was a “normal” house then half of the things they do would be considered abuse because Diana clearly did not want to do them. Now clearly we don’t know how much of it is true but it is a representation of the world she lived in.

Lots of people grew up wanting to kings or queens but after this I bet you would change your mind.

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