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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Watched this just after I finished the book and I have to say: this is a very, very great book adaption, but I did like the book a tiny bit better, mostly because we got to know a bit more about Nick's (and Amy's) thoughts, which I thought really added to the duality of the story. But that would've probably been translated to more voice-overs which would definitely not have worked so well (although sometimes it was done quite well,…

  • Beetlejuice



    Oh how I love Tim Burton's films!! It's been quite a while since I had seen this one so it was quite fun watching it again, reliving some old memories. This film is just so entertaining and literally breathes the 1980s. There's just something about those 80s films I used to watch as a kid. They are chaotic, have a simple plot, are a lot of fun and very, very quirky. Loved it! I used to be obsessed with Burton's…

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  • The Holiday

    The Holiday


    cute, cute (but quite long)

  • Her



    Absolutely gorgeous, heartbreaking, incredibly interesting and thought-provoking. So many great performances in this, and also has a great comedy/drama balance. The dialogue is amazing and there's so many interesting lines in this. The future of A.I. is thoroughly explored, especially how A.I. might blur the lines between what is is to have a consciousness and what it is to be human. Still holds up very well after a second watch and it was just as overwhelming and emotional. Will be thinking about this some more!