Captain America: Civil War ★★★

- ok ok ok the action sequences were awesome but that's no surprise because they were also awesome in the winter soldier so good job russos. it actually makes me look forward (just a little bit) to infinity war because we'll get some awesome russo bros fight sequences in SPACE.
- motherfucking t'challa is MY DUDE. chadwick boseman stole the show with his beautiful face and compelling portrayal of black panther. i don't feel at all like marvel is just regurgitating White Male Superhero so that's AWESOME. and he was actually essential to the plot so it wasn't just a "get hyped for the Black Panther movie coming in 20whatever" unlike spider-man's appearance.
- i loved the winter soldier/daniel bruhl plotline and i think this movie would've been so much stronger if that had been the emphasis. this felt like a captain america movie colliding with an avengers movie. and because of that, tony stark gets the fucking spotlight, as per usual.
-LISTEN i'm calling bullshit on tony stark now and forever. i actually can't stand him and this movie basically outlined everything i hate about him so thanks for that.
- what is this bs about signing the sokovia accords so he can prove something to pepper? how about actually taking responsibility for your WAR CRIMES and the thing YOU created? and why on earth would you expect steve to go along with you when CATWS was literally about corruption at the highest levels of government? and then was ultimately RIGHT to distrust the system with the sokovia accords which tony realized by the end?
- also tony stark being so desperate to recruit a MINOR onto his side, place him in a life-threatening situation, and actually not even tell him what it was he was fighting for? that's manipulative as hell and also shame on marvel for using this as a cheap way to intro spider-man. congrats, you managed to make tony stark a worse person than he already is.
- also i'm SO SICK of Dead Mothers who are used to service Male Superhero Manpain. ughghghghgh.