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  • Letters to Juliet

    Letters to Juliet


    They don't make this type of Feel-Good Comfort movie's anymore which can refresh your mood☹. Why Why❓
    Such An Refreshing Feel-Good Beautiful Heart-Warming movie an Great Comfort movie and indeed Amanda Seyfried is our Most Favorite Comfort Girl. God she is so adorable Full of innocence melts all it.
    Great Locations, Great Songs which i like eight of carrying the film rested squarely on the shoulders of Amanda Seyfried. Other than being very lovely shoulders, she did an excellent job…

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    An Absolute Pure Anxiety Tension Ride For 90 Minutes. Your Heartbeat becomes Fast.
    Joaquin Phoenix Delivers A+ Top Class Subtle Performance even as you can see Joaquin Phoenix is An Most Dangerous Method Actor.
    I was Literally Screaming & Shouting When Joaquin Phoenix Shot himself I was like what the hell shit!!!
    I was keep scratching my head it's pure goosebumps
    Movie is pure mindfck you will gonna leave in shocked what the fck all just happened here.
    I'm sure it's…

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  • A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind


    This Movie Achievements & Appreciations are worth accolades too: -
    4 Oscar wins for:
    Best Picture winner
    Best Director winner
    Best supporting actress winner
    Best screenplay
    IMDb Rating 8.2 in IMDb Top 250 At 140
    Need I say anything??

    Someone poor brain people's on letterboxd seems to be biased about this movie so that's the reason I post this

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Happy birthday saoirse Ronan.
    This movie got the vibe & Saoirse Ronan Performance was Sweet Tangled Bitter She carries the whole movie in Span of 90 min with her charm enormously beautiful eyes acting to watch.
    A2A movies doesn't deserve happy ending as far I know how the heck this got happy ending I wonder anyways still Good.