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  • Christopher Robin

    Christopher Robin


    So tender 😭😭😭 I love this movie

  • She's Gotta Have It

    She's Gotta Have It


    Super artsy and creative and playful and lots of shots that appealed to my taste. I’m super fond of Spike because he’s unashamed; which makes things slightly less uncomfortable (emphasis on slightly) because you know he’s making a statement. So specifically written too. You can take any one line and find significance and stand alone quotes. Same with the shots. You can pause anywhere and the shot has so much meaning.

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    To me, this was all about capturing beauty, cherishing beauty, and remembering beauty. 

    Beauty is often misconstrued and not really recognized for what it truly is. Sometimes I catch myself in moments where “beauty” is dull to me, or I have become numb to beauty around me because I have forgotten what it truly is! God knows beauty, He creates beauty, and He is beauty. This is why creativity is so beautiful because we are imitating the Creator.

    I feel…

  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    Okay after almost an hour of deliberation with Josiah about this film, I love it and I appreciate it a lot. It’s def a 5/5. Who would’ve thunk a cartoon/anime film would hit me like it did