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  • Weathering with You

    Weathering with You


    Love Your Name. Didn’t care for this one. 

    Too much going on yet never fully engaging. Way way too long of a runtime, felt like I was watching for a really long time. And I never funny connected to the emotional core of the film. 

    But the animation is gorgeous and has some definite WOW moments.

  • The Way Back

    The Way Back


    The trailer featuring Bon Iver’s live performance of “Heavenly Father” has stuck out in my head ever since I saw it. Has a movie trailer ever used a live performance ripped from a YouTube concert clip for its backing track? Interesting. 

    Anyway, the movie’s trailer is unfortunately more powerful than the film is, even though it’s still a pretty good movie. A bit one dimensional and by the books in its approach to addiction, trauma, and grief, but Affleck’s performance…

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  • Minions: The Rise of Gru

    Minions: The Rise of Gru


    What I wouldn't give to see this in a stinky, sticky movie theater with a bunch of screaming fellow Minion-heads...

  • Holes



    I believe the Millennial generation’s wokeness can be directly attributed to Stanley and Hector’s beautiful love story from 2003’s Holes. 

    This movie bangs SO HARD, my god. Awesome performances from a stellar cast, great direction and cinematography in a brutal shooting location, and a great book to screen adaptation from Louis Sachar himself, there’s really a lot here for kids and adults to chew on. 

    Also, the song Diggin’ is maybe the best end credit song of the century. Just love this movie.