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  • Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity

    I think I'm realizing why I can never recognize Barbara Stanwyck. Because she is completely different in every film. What a star!

  • Ball of Fire

    Ball of Fire

    "Let me give you a little yum-yum" is my least favorite line before a kiss in the history of everything.

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  • High and Low

    High and Low


    I’ve never watched a movie then almost immediately watched the commentary as well. My god. It’s theatre! It’s just the most perfect play. At least the first half is. Then the second half is the best version of a thriller. I can’t bend I’ve how much farther behind we were in 1963 in my opinion. Nothing we were making was as authentic while being so magically staged.

  • Kate & Leopold

    Kate & Leopold


    I... loved this. It was charming and 90s and Hugh didn’t seem super gay and I was really into it. At one point, Liev Shriver discovers time travel by drawing  a circle and the writing the word VELOCITY next to it.  Time Travel!