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  • Dogfight



    Omg where has this movie been all my life?!?! This feels like one of those movies I should’ve watched 100 times with my mom growing up. 

    Teenage Lily Taylor and River Phoenix.
    With a horrible sounding premise (see logline, SO SAD/HORRIBLE!!!) that moves into something so deeply emotional and honest in a way that feels effortless. 

    There’s a scene in this where they kiss for the first time and it’s the most honest, awkward, heartbreaking depiction of teenagers in love I think I’ve ever seen.

  • Gaslight


    This is what you think it is!
    Ingrid Bergman gaslit me into being entertained by this!
    Young, “slutty” Angela Lansbury is the best part of this. She’s a cockney maid who wears boas when she’s off work. Slutty.

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  • Kate & Leopold

    Kate & Leopold


    I... loved this. It was charming and 90s and Hugh didn’t seem super gay and I was really into it. At one point, Liev Shriver discovers time travel by drawing  a circle and the writing the word VELOCITY next to it.  Time Travel!

  • The Mole Agent

    The Mole Agent


    I’ve never seen anything like this.

    I also was made aware how wildly lacking stories of the elderly are. 

    This was incredibly sweet and unique.