Robert Engeli

Robert Engeli


Born in 1983, from Norway.

anything i rate 2,5 is okay (not very good, but not bad), below that is different grades of bad.

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  • The Blob

    The Blob


    Hooptober 5.0

    I watched the original yesterday so was curious on how this remake would be, it's a bit darker and scarier than the original, but the effects are worse in my opinion, it has a twist that the original didnt have that i liked, but all in all i like the original a little bit more than this remake

  • Pulgasari



    HoopTober 6.0

    6 countries - 1/6 - North Korea

    You can watch this one on YouTube HERE

    Not realy that much of horror in my mind, Pulgasari is a big monster and he fights against the evil as i see it. Not a good movie at all, but i wanted to give it a go since it is from North Korea and this is the only movie i could find from there to get that country colored in on my letterboxd map.

    I don't recommend watching this for any other reason than if you want to watch a movie from that country.