Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★

Edge of Tomorrow caught my interest a while ago, but not in a good way. When the first trailer was announced, I dismissed it. Actually I didn't just dismiss it, I was almost positive it was going to be terrible. I wish I could tell you what exactly about it made it seem like it was destined to fail, but my answer is simply that everything seemed to be pointing towards that outcome.

The successive massive marketing campaign followed in the footsteps of the first trailer. It seemed utterly bland, completely unworthy of any attention, and from the resulting box office disappointment that the film proved to be, I imagine I was far from alone with these thoughts.

So imagine my surprise when review after review, critic after critic, friend after friend, was reporting that this film was actually great. I just couldn't believe it, but I just had to watch it to make sure.

Edge of Tomorrow is a great film, and easily one of the best action films of the past five years. Its clever, well-paced and edited, well-shot with amazing special effects. The designs for the aliens, the set pieces and the human armor-suits are incredibly well done and detailed. The film plays its time loop presence very well and manages to hold onto a general sense of urgency and desperation. It touches on the psychological pains of war trauma, although briefly, all while keeping pace on a dialogue and script that is smart and often decidedly humorous. It might dip with a third act that feels weighed down by the need to follow typical Hollywood blockbuster tropes, but still carries Edge of Tomorrow along to completely being entertainment done right.

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