Possessor ★★★½

A body-jumping assassin begins to lose her grip on reality, as the barriers between her and her host victim begin to breakdown...

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a bleak dystopic mindscrew tale, right?

Anyway this is part of my wrap up of significant horror movies for 2020. I often see this lumped in that category by folks, but while there are certainly horror elements, I'd place this more in the science fiction category.

Possessor deals with some intriguing ideas in its near future story, which to me were the highlights. Namely the data mining operation, and of course the key concept individuals essentially being able, through implants, to remotely control other human beings. The latter is a concept that has always played into my darkest fears: Loss of control: knowing someone else is in the driver's seat making you do horrible things, while you can only watch from inside your head. Now, I am not necessarily sure it did a great job on the on the whole blending of minds bit. Visually it looked great, but I was often confused on exactly who was in control at what time, or if at various points they were merging or not merging. The movie is also pretty much empty of any sympathetic characters, at least any we spend time with; The few that do happen to show up just end up murdered, sometimes in horrible ways. I also suspect you could have easily trimmed a good 30 minutes from the film and not lost much.

For those liking messed up science fiction movies, this is probably worth a watch. Just make sure you are in the proper mood for an utterly bleak movie (bleakest of the year?)