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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    to me, an important question is who this film is "for." for viewers who haven't considered the consequences of false-middle thinking about rape culture, it may move them to feel differently. for everyone else, the violence may feel gratuitous.

    apart from that: dialogue so stilted i almost turned it off; a super-heavy reliance on themes as opposed to characters, who felt not alive but like props in service of its message (fine and good for a stylized film, but this…

  • Carrie



    what's with the blowjob scene? and the slow-motion locker room montage? and all those bouncy chest shots? i'm not sure de palma's aesthetic is stylized enough here to be considered satire, so those scenes, apart from being icky, felt unreal and almost funny in a bad way.

    but the last 45 minutes are a perfect, redemptive crescendo. plus, sissy spacek is cloying and creepy and pitiable at once, as always. i guess it's iconic for a reason!