The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ★★★★★

episode 6:
idc this finale was amazing and if you dont think so then you obviously hate good entertainment! sam becoming cap was so satisfying and hes the best captain america and the speech he gave proves that and im so so proud of him. yes there were some pacing problems with buckys ending in my opinion but im glad the finale revolved mainly around sam bc he deserved it and bucky was kind of more focused on in the beginning! plus him at the end with the wilson family and their town was the cutest thing ever and im so happy he can call sam a family member now because all they deserve is love and happiness and im very satisfied with the ending of this show. praying for a season 2, but captain america 4 just got confirmed today and that just made my life worth living! cant wait to see more sambucky and what they do with them in the future, i miss them already though :( and anyone comparing this to wandavision.... all i wanna say is that nearly every episode of fatws was very important to the mcu and its continuity and this series introduced at least 5 new characters that are most likely going to be in future projects... and all wandavision really set up was how wanda is gonna act in doctor strange 🤣 okay thats all i wanted to say! next up is loki!!!!!

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