Black Peter ★★★

Black Peter is essentially that awkward phase of youth where you are sort of directionless; drifting day by day in a job you don’t enjoy, hanging out with your friends of a night, summer weekends filled with dances and dates and swimming at the lake. I’ve been there (still kind of am there). I think most of us have, or if not yet, will almost certainly experience that at some point in life. It was an interesting film, it was kind of one of those instances where not a lot happens, but it’s packed with a lot to think about, if you know what I mean. It definitely feels political in some ways, but most of what I got was a kind of bleak, sometimes humorous, outlook on what it means to be a ‘man,’ provided by the scathing lectures of our main character’s father. (It even ends mid lecture which I find hilarious, because none of it was worth hearing anyway). The messaging is outdated, but I feel like Forman knows that and tries to convey it, especially with the painfully accurate comedy of that transition from youth to adulthood that we all go through, a lot of the time under the watchful eye of parents who have seemed to forgotten what it was like to be a young adult. This movie is one I’ll probably have to watch again or read up on, but nevertheless I enjoyed what I saw.