Donkey Skin ★★★½

This movie feels like it was made for me...

Period piece/fairytale setting: ✅
Extravagant costumes and sets: ✅
Catherine Deneuve: ✅
French musical numbers: ✅
Satire: ✅
Lots of weird shit: ✅
A baking tutorial: ✅
Out of place helicopters and blue and gold macaws: ✅

In all seriousness though, while not my favourite French musical starring Catherine Deneuve and directed by Jacques Demy (a sub-genre of its own), I still loved every weird and surreal thing about this. I wasn’t expecting this level of strange from Demy, but I’m kind of a fan of it. It felt like an opulent, hypnotic dream or a hallucinogenic trip, but damn, it was pretty to look at. So many wtf moments, so much so that I surprise-laughed almost every few minutes. Would be a great movie to watch with friends. Also, screw Disney... because this is the fairytale I’ll be showing to my future kids as they grow up.

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