Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions ★★★★★

“everyone needed a good cry, as well as us”

folklore was the album that got me through a lot of the shit that 2020 has brought me. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but it has been the artistry from filmmakers, musicians and other creatives that has personally helped me through it. as someone who goes to a lot of gigs and concerts, i’ve been missing live music a whole heap this year. it’s been therapeutic to have some of my favourite artists do their best to bring it to us from home, whether it be live-streamed performances or music docs like this one.

i’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, but folklore hit differently for me, and not just because it was highly needed in a time of social isolation. it was also because it was a straight up masterpiece vocally, musically and lyrically. it felt like the album she had been wanting to make for a while, and ended up being a cathartic release for not only her, but for us as well. it’s some of her best writing and you could tell it was her at her most mature, raw and honest, sometimes even the emotionally best place we’ve seen from her so far. it’s been the soundtrack to the latter half of my year, and personally my favourite album from the year as well. seeing it performed for the first time, start to finish, was exactly what i needed. a lot of the songs that weren’t my favourites i got to see in a new light, i got to appreciate the musicality of it, and hearing from Taylor, Jack and Aaron how it came to be and some of the meanings behind the songs made me appreciate it even more than i already did. 

Taylor Swift has saved 2020, for a second time.