Paterson ★★★★

as a writer i understand.

i understand what it’s like to go to work every day in a boring, dead end job where you’re not appreciated because writing doesn’t pay the bills. i go and do the work, because it allows me to come home and work on what i’m actually passionate about in the comfort of my home, it allows me to travel and have the experiences that i hope constantly make me a better writer.

i understand, because i, too, used to be scared of writing. i did an undergraduate degree double majoring in film and english, and i was the kid in the back of the class that was a capable writer but too scared to share her work. i had tonnes of short stories and poems, beginning chapters of novel ideas, sometimes fully finished scripts scrawled in random notebooks that i tucked away into the back of my desk, that lay there, forgotten about, still today. 

i understand the frustration my lecturers and university mentors must’ve felt when i would submit my writing, that they wish i would’ve taken the opportunity to share to the class. i understand that i was underestimated because of my hesitance, and i understand that i shouldn’t have been annoyed by their surprise. it took me until my third year of undergrad to finally open up. to workshop my writing when given the opportunity, to go to my professors and ask for feedback. and when it came time to do my honours year i understand now why my work became so much better. a career in film academia and creative writing (which is what i’m striving towards, hoping to start that masters degree soon 🤞) doesn’t happen from being scared to share your work. 

and i understand that one day i have to take the leap and leave that dead end job to fully commit my time and passion towards what i really want, and hopefully one day that, too, will pay the bills. but until then i’ll watch films about it, like this one, ones that i can really relate to and dream about that day. it’s not here yet, but i understand that it will come.

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