Die Hard: With a Vengeance ★★★★

Imagine Lethal Weapon in an alternate film universe but instead of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover you have Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson. Right, you there...? No wait you don't have to imagine far really, just pop Die Hard With A Vengeance into your Blu Ray player. And there you go. Voila!
Based on a script by Jonathan Hensleigh called Simon Says, this was originally considered as the third sequel in the Lethal Weapon franchise , But was quickly changed for the Die Hard Universe. Which explains why it isn't really a die hard kind of movie, this seems to be more like the continuing adventures of hard luck cop John McClane.
The first hour flies by at a hectic pace, you don't get a second to question the plot or why or the what's going on and this seems to have replaced the claustrophobic atmosphere of the first one and some of the second, and this is when Die Hard with A Vengeance is at best. In the second hour when the pace and the settings change is when it slows a little. That's when you begin to notice that John McClane has turned into Jackie Chan from SuperCop!!
These are minor quibbles. This is all good fun, great action. Good sense of humour and its not overlong. I just can't take Jeremy Irons seriously as a villain after seeing him in his early career in Play Away, what next? Brian Cant as the next Bond villain?

Fun fact : John McTiernan originally wanted Sean Connery to play the Jeremy Irons role. Now just imagine Sean Connery doing a German accent in Scottish. I shouldn't make fun. After all , his Spanish from highlander was excellent!

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