The Straight Story ★★★★★

Part of the Film School Dropouts Challenge
Week 44: David Lynch

The Straight Story is unmistakably Lynchian, yet definitely differs from his other work. It's his most straight-forward, tender and delicate, and probably his saddest work. Its a simple film that calls for a bit of patience, but it is utterly moving and rewarding without ever being overly sentimental. It is gorgeously shot, those montages of the fields and the country were mesmerizing, the setting is a character itself, and my god is the film well acted - Richard Farnsworth is award-worthy, absolutely wonderful as the lead, so many emotions conveyed in his face and expressions, but Sissy Spacek still manages to steal nearly every scene with those two, she's incredible. Harry Dean Stanton is in this for a minute or two, have a line or two of dialogue, but he fully delivers and nearly made me cry. That ending, man. Angelo Badalamenti's score is so good, surprise, maybe some of his very best work. Didn't expect this, but The Straight Story really struck a chord in me. Lynch displays his big heart here. It's an emotional, beautiful journey. It will calm you, make you laugh, warm your heart, haunt you, and maybe make you shed a tear or two, it certainly did that to me.

"Anger, vanity, you mix that together with liquor, you've got two brothers that haven't spoken in ten years. Ah, whatever it was that made me and Lyle so mad... don't matter anymore. I want to make peace, I want to sit with him, look up at the stars... like we used to do, so long ago"

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