The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

The absurdity of a monarchy’s rule and it’s historical failed attempt of governing people. Olivia is a revelation in this role, as much as I worship her in Fleabag and The Lobster, she brought to life the emotional breadth and scope of personal sorrow, doubt, confusion, and the trapping of her monotonous stewardship — she draw you in and you can’t take your eyes away.  
Weiss is superb as always and can deliver some of the best lines. “you look like a badger”. And I’m still not sold as Stone in this role - I get her character is suppose to be earnest, ambitious, culpable and a person out of time but she just don’t land the dimension I wanted to see. Nonetheless,  a memorable film by Yorgos.
His theme of nature and birth rites come thru clearly. His absurdity is told again thru his lens choices from the ironic wide lens or fish eye lens during some of the interior scenes, and by instilling modern dances and songs before their time. His animal tropes are present again, just as his previous films did, to underscore the sadness of human frailty.