Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

This was so terrible I had to livetweet it to keep my composure, and I suppose it deserves (not sure if I mean merely, or punitively) a copy and paste, so:

1. *watching ww84* is queercoding villians “vaporwave”?

2. see it’s funny because in real life petroimperialism and the IDF are different arms of the same thing

3. credit to chris pine, i think folding suspension of disbelief into the exposition-dump millennial fanservice character is actually clever

4. now that we’ve all upgraded our tvs to HDR there are new and exciting ways of coloring every middle eastern country yellow

5. it is absolutely hilarious how you can take a costume intended to pop in one limited visual medium and make it the center of how nothing pops in the bleak propaganda ~universe~ we’re still living in

6. like, everything we are mining here is about an actually impending 20th c civilizational collapse and we don’t know how to make an allegory when it’s no longer legible so we just… give up

7. so the yearning for the past 36 years of disaster capitalism to be motivated by a fairy tale folds back outwards toward us. if i were really committed to this bit i’d call it a dialectic

8. it is honestly fascinating to go back to fight cameras so tethered to characters that they’re literally swinging around them

9. *bersani voice* is the white house a space?

10. 1984, remember. an interchangeable actor smiling and filling a space while death is hidden. just drop my body on the steps of the smithsonian

11. conversely i think we’ve just exchanged one sort of obviously fake lighting on something composited in post for another one

12. ha ha isn’t it ridiculous and absurd that someone could flip a switch and we’re all watching the same thing. also can i borrow your netflix password

13. uwu

14. you know how losing your humanity is a mechanic in cyberpunk 2077? what is that about. why did we all swallow it

15. just kind of feels like the same desperation. idk

In conclusion, why did I do this to myself.

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