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  • Wake in Fright
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Tampopo
  • Toy Story

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  • Gandahar


  • The Wonderful Land of Oz

  • Braindead


  • Plan 9 from Outer Space

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  • Gandahar



    I enjoyed it but this felt like a boilerplate pulp sci-fi fantasy. It's very light on the characters so the story and adventure can take center stage, which works to an extent. There are some interesting and fun adventure moments but sometimes things feel kind of stale and the male power fantasy stuff is kind of dated and lame. Sometimes the visuals are very impressive and nice to look at but other times there's so much bleak and depressing colors…

  • The Wonderful Land of Oz

    The Wonderful Land of Oz

    Caught the rifftrax premiere of this movie on YouTube and ended up sitting through the whole thing. Oz is already a very fantastical setting but this filmmaking felt like a fever dream. I feel mean coming down on this but it's just very cheap and not well made on any level. Don't know how the filmmakers legally were able to use Wizard of Oz IP for this.

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  • The Point

    The Point


    Damn even back in the 70s boomers were insufferably annoying.

  • Vertigo



    This is a film that, for me, needed a re-watch. I'm not sure if I believe this is Hitchcock's best film and I'm not sure if I believe this to be the best film of all time like others, but holy goddamn motherfuck if this is just an amazing film. There's so much in this film that lends itself to analysis and interpretation it's a definitive benchmark in cinematic art. The cinematography is amazing and the editing is equally as…