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  • Macario



    there's many reasons this movie consistently gets placed at the top of "best mexican movies of all time" lists.

    its timeless themes, excellent acting, superb editing and implementation of simple but effective sfx, an airtight script, its significance on mexican culture, and how it perfectly showcases the magic of the día de muertos festivity while telling a gripping, haunting story at the same time.

    macario is freakishly entertaining and beautiful at the same time, and i can't believe it took…

  • Nazarin



    so i was supposed to do homework but instead decided to watch another buñuel film, and GOD IT WAS WORTH IT.

    nazarín is just another absolute hit of him. for some reason it feels greater in scope than los olvidados, with a greater variety of characters, a story that feels dense and has several time jumps, more ellaborate set pieces, and even the surrealistic scenes are more unsettling!

    even then, i don't think it is as good, which doesn't mean…

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  • I'm No Longer Here

    I'm No Longer Here


    i'm no longer here tells the story of ulises, a cumbia dancing mexican teenager who flees to the united states after having a dispute with a violent gang. with his life and his family threatened, he leaves the barrio, but the barrio never leaves him.

    it's an extremely unique coming-of-age flick, that perfectly portrays themes of alienation, homesickness, and identity.

    the narrative is captivating, with its slow-burn pacing and constant jumps in time, deep sociopolitical commentary and depiction of people…

  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    Spider-Man 2 is the most influential movie of my life. I'm not even kidding. Some of my personality traits were directly influenced by the superhero's core-values.

    I revisited this movie trying to analyze it in a more objective way, in order to recognize its flaws, rather than thinking of it as the most amazing movie that ever existed like I did in my childhood years.

    And I generally did not succeed. I was still amused by the corny dialogue, the…