Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★★½

Yes !!!!!!!!! Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly near flawless. If you're one of those nerds who wants to hate this movie because its not a direct videogame adaptation or are on the youtube critic anti-anderson bandwagon I think you'll hopefully even manage to find this agreeable??? Probably the best videogame movie in the sense that (at least moreso than the amazing resident evil movies) it really feels like a Videogame Movie™. It's structured with videogame esque objectives and mechanics and pacing and then tons of videogamey things and monster hunter specific quirks that fans should love I think??
I can imagine the pacing might be really weird for some but I really really loved it as like an actual survival movie with goals and obstacles and planning and in this super well defined area and I really loved how it progressed in this calculating way and then gets to be so satisfying when cool things happen. Milla gets fucked up!!!! but she endures so hard because she is Just That Badass. So many legitimately fantastic moments of subversion or surprise or just like, understanding how a watcher expects or thinks something will go and doing interesting things with that to keep you on your toes.
The only kind of negative I can think of is the massive cocktease ending but the blow is softened by it being an explicit promise that MORE WILL COME !!!!!!!!! As a first act of a series this is pretty delightfully phenomenal.

ALSO with what it seems to be setting up, it seems like I was even completely wrong to be disappointed about the main characters being US army guys and assuming this was gonna be some gov funded propaganda in part. If I'm reading this correctly it seems to be the groundwork for a kind of anti-imperialist/US military power and overreach with a dash of "powerful technology in powerful hands causes destruction" subtext/themes that will presumably be expanded in the next ones.


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