Borderline ★★★½

A black couple moves into an apartment in a European town. The woman of the couple has an affair with another (white) man. This results in much drama as this was set and made in 1930 and such things are of course frowned upon at the very least. This was as I mentioned made in 1930 but it is still a silent film and an experimental, avant-garde film at that. It co-stars Paul Robeson who is in it less than I would expect. Despite there being a narrative and a plot, the film does feel more like Un Chien Andalou at times more than anything with its almost strange and dreamlike images and flashy editing. It doesn't quite come together but there are some great moments and the fact that it tackled interracial romance at the time is commendable. This apparently was thought lost until it emerged within the last 20 or so years so, yeah, this is a film to check out.