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  • Cats



    Bad. But not as bad as expected (I like the stage show, so it wasn't too 'weird' in that regard).

    Still bad though.

  • Hellboy


    Alice was cool.

    McShane continues to elevate random stuff he's in.

    Soundtrack was ok.

    But it is a terrible, terrible film.

    I had the distinct impression I was laughing (somewhat hysterically) at the opening scene rather than with it.

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  • America's Sweethearts

    America's Sweethearts

    John Cusack, Billy Crystal, Catherine Zeta Jones and Seth Green on form. I would say it's a guilty pleasure of a film - but I don't feel guilty about liking it. As far as Rom Coms go it's up in my favourites.

  • Skyline


    My current benchmark for bad films. Currently if I find a film bad the best/worst thing I can say about it is "Well, it was better than Skyline". To be fair I've probably seen worse... but the trailer looked so promising. A benchmark more from frustration.