The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

This film is such a joy to watch.

Some thoughts upon revisiting this:

The third act is the weakest in the film, but that doesn't mean it isn't strong. Still laughed quite a bit. And the emotional moments hit harder this time.

Lady Sarah was more of a sympathetic character for me this time around. Additionally, I had a greater appreciation for Weisz and Colman's performances. Stone was a standout for me in my initial viewing.

I still laughed. A lot. Even the second time. The humor might be my favorite part of the whole film.

It boggled my mind that the score was not nominated at the Oscars. It's beautiful and elegant at times. And at other times it's like a ticking timebomb that kept me off balance.

The ending also still left a lasting impact. God damn I love this fucking movie. That did not change this time around.

One last thing, similarly to my first time through, I cannot wait to go back.

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