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  • A Mug's Game
  • Dream On
  • Sacred Hearts
  • Black Narcissus
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52 Films by Women: 2021 Edition

88 films

Managed 106 in 2020. Let's see what this year brings.

  • The Captive
  • The Warrens of Virginia
  • Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
  • Noah's Ark
  • The Aviator

A Dangerous Business: Films with Cast and/or Crew Fatalities.

84 films

Filmmaking can be a dangerous business beset by tragedy. Here is a list of fatalities of cast and/or crew that…

  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  • Jimmy's Hall
  • Michael Collins
  • Rebellion
  • Resistance

The Irish Question

77 films

This list is a companion to my The Troubles on Film list and the films included here feature events that…

  • Spice World
  • Their Finest
  • A Very English Scandal
  • Zombies Have Fallen
  • London Has Fallen

Rule Britannia: The Union Jack In Film Posters

158 films

There's probably loads more of these out there than this handful that have immediately come to mind. So, I'm throwing…

  • Kes
  • Napoleon
  • I Am Not a Serial Killer
  • Someday My Prince Will Come
  • Philip and His Seven Wives

A Proud Geek: Films I've Reviewed on The Geek Show

104 films

Since November 2016 I've been writing reviews for The Geek Show

These are the films I have reviewed for that…

  • The Medium
  • If a Man Answers
  • Girl
  • The Actual Woman
  • Match of the Day

Second City Firsts

31 films

This is, I believe, a comprehensive list of all existing films that formed Second City Firsts.

Second City Firsts was…

  • The Long Day Closes
  • Distant Voices, Still Lives
  • Children
  • Madonna and Child
  • Death and Transfiguration

Mersey Movies : Scouse on Film

140 films

Films set in and around Liverpool and The Wirral.

If I've missed any, suggestions are welcome!

  • Straight to Hell
  • The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
  • The Singer Not the Song
  • The Trap
  • Diamond City

British Westerns

47 films

A list for this small genre of films - the British Western (Fish and Chips Western? Scampi Western? Pie and…

  • Leeds United!
  • Made in Dagenham
  • Comrades
  • Blue Collar
  • Norma Rae

You Don't Get Me, I'm Part of the Union!

201 films

Til the day I die *nods*

Unions, the demands for better, safer working conditions, rights and/or a better wage, industrial…

  • Looking for Eric
  • Fever Pitch
  • The Damned United
  • Gregory's Girl
  • When Saturday Comes

The Beautiful Game: British Football on Film

105 films

No football hooligan films as I've already done that list here. These are just films about football, footballers, football's greatest…

  • Funny Bones
  • Bhaji on the Beach
  • Bob's Weekend
  • Away
  • Eaten by Lions

Blackpool on Film

48 films

Blackpool, Vegas of the North. The great British seaside resort. Blackpool rock, the illuminations, the Pleasure Beach, the Big One,…

  • Macbeth
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Kes
  • Nuns on the Run
  • Howard the Duck

Films We Got To Watch At School

15 films

Shamelessly stolen from Zulu_Shaun's list These are films I recall watching in both junior and high school (1986-1996) for GCSE…