Dark Waters ★★★½

"Still here, uh?" aren't these the best type of people? Those who don't give up. "Dark Waters" is not only a really good take on the justice system, but also a good character study of the people who face big foes and still go ahead. They know they don't have the resources of the big companies, but they are on the side of the truth. That should be enough, right? It should but it's also the hardest side to be on. Money controls too many things sometimes and the truth can be bought, if people like Rob Bilott didn't stick their nose where they shouldn't and thankfully they do.

Mark Ruffalo does this character so well, he is fierce but also there is an element of vulnerability and that's where Anne Hathaway enters. Despite not working anymore to raise her family, she is a woman that should not be underestimated for she has a lot of strengh and willpower on her.

I wish it could have been a beautiful story where everything works out perfectly, but in real life, people suffer in order to achieve justice. And if it was as simple as a fantasy, then it would have not been as good, real life is the real deal. The tones on the cinematography really worked for me and made the film visually gripping instead of simply being character and dialogue driven.