WWE Royal Rumble 2021 ★★★½

It felt weird as hell to watch a Rumble without the crowd (though the Thunderdome helped) and sad to know that this was the first one that Pat Patterson wouldn't be around to watch, but they turned in a solid show.

The women's tag title match was solid and used effective storytelling to further an angle. I still can't stand Nia, though, and Shayna just isn't the same as her beastly NXT run.

Goldberg is so, so awful. Always has been, always will be. Please let him just go away and stay gone...

Solid enough women's title match. It's always been hard for me to buy Carmella as a credible threat, but I've never disliked her so it's weird. Maybe because so much of the focus has been on the Four Horsewomen, Asuka etc for the past several years.

The Women's Rumble was pretty damn enjoyable, once again. I absolutely loved the final few minutes, because it did exactly what it should do: make me feel certain that someone (Charlotte) is winning, only to surprise me with someone I thought was somewhat of a long shot (Bianca). I picked Rhea, but at least she made it to the final two. I was happy to see Victoria again. The match had several good storytelling segments and advanced feuds while planting some new seeds. My only beef is when you get someone like Dakota Kai in there for all of a minute, while Jillian Hall got way too much time.

The 24/7 stuff was what it was. Made my kids laugh, which is clearly the point.

I thought KO and Roman did a damn great job making this feel like a big spectacle and a total war. I was really into it, although WWE tends to formulate the finishes of their Last Man Standing matches too much, so they should do them less often. But these guys put in a hell of an effort.

The Men's Rumble was good, but not great. I love Edge and the story was well told, especially with the return of Christian, but I wanted Bryan to win so bad so we could get Bryan vs Reigns at Mania. Especially after the 2015 Rumble debacle. Man, for me that was the move, but alas.

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