Jack Nicholson Is So Evil, Ranked

Sean Fennessey

Sean Fennessey 11 films

Favorite non 2018 films that I watched in 2018

Jared Gilman

Jared Gilman 13 films

When They Were My Age

Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes 151 films

2018 films that feature either Lady Gaga or a group of French guys singing La Vie En Rose

fran hoepfner

fran hoepfner 2 films

films with renditions of "cool water" by men i have a crush on

karen h.

karen h. 2 films

Big-Screen Musicals Starring Hugh Jackman in Which Our Young Hero Gets Caught Stealing a Loaf of Bread and Ends Up Raising Kids Whose Mother Is Played By An Actress Who Starred in Brokeback Mountain

Paul Clark

Paul Clark 2 films

Vape Canon

Patrick Devitt

Patrick Devitt 103 films


Neil Bahadur

Neil Bahadur 674 films

De Palma

Adam Cook

Adam Cook 23 films