The Eyes of Tammy Faye

The Eyes of Tammy Faye ★★½

jessica chastain’s foray into the world of professional hagging. made me cry bc of real life coolest guy in the world steve pieters but then again i read any interview with the man and i cry; it doesn’t take much effort to make me emotional about this aspect of his life or tammy faye’s. i think the movie did a huge disservice to jim bakker’s victims by spending so much time on his supposed ~homosexual urges~ while forgetting that the biggest turning point in their careers was not the “is he gay” question (which was of course weaponized most by his peers) but miss jessica hahn speaking up about how he raped her, and the numerous young women and men who joined in to corroborate her story and say it was similar to their own experiences with jim bakker. i don’t think hahn needs to be bothered by a movie coming out about a very traumatic part of her life but the movie’s lingering on all of these “”moments”” tammy faye sees where her husband is ~a little too close~ to a man are exhausting, cliche, and, to be frank!, irrelevant! given what we know about the sexual violence he committed against his “interns” and the young people who looked up to him. he was a cruel man. i don’t know that the movie properly conveys that.

(aside from that, it’s SO BORING?? how do you make a biopic about TAMMY FAYE boring as shit??!! i tonya makes me weep, while still being quite funny and irreverent about aspects of its subject’s life. it doesn’t have to be so grim and self-serious all the time!)

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